Prayer by Wahid Azal "Is there any Aiding Succorer but God" ٍ هل مِن مستغاث


Is there any Aiding Succourer other than God! Say, Glorified be God and praise be unto God and there is no god but God and God is the Most Great! It is God! All are Its servants and all-things perish but Its Light!

18 September 2019 CE

 (When in distress, this can be recited 256x in one sitting to the numerical value of Light نور).


 هَلْ مِنْ مستغاثٍ غيرُ الله قُلْ سُبحانَ الله وَ الحمدُ لله وَ لا إله الّا الله وَ اللهُ أكبر هُوَ اللهُ كلٌّ عِبادٌ لهُ و كلشيءٍ هالك إلّا نورهُ

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