Response to the Liar



In the Name of God the Most Revificatively Alive, the Supreme Discloser!

O you Liar, I do not associate [with the All-High] what you associate!

Nor have you cognized what I cognize!

Nor have I been shaded by what darkens you!

Nor do you face towards what I face towards!

To you be your fire and to Me be my Light!

بِسم الله الأحيّي الأجلى

يا أَيّها الكذّاب

لا اشركْ ما تَشرك

وما أنت تعرف ما اعرف

وما أنا اظلم ما تظلم

ولا أنت تواجه ما اوجه

لكَ ناركَ وليّ نورِ


9 January 2022 CE

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